No, it’s not the title of a pot-heads in search of Tommy Chong road movie, or a National Geographic parody porn.  What I am referring to is the fact that 2009 will usher in a new era for Monkey Ltd in the form of our first feature film, titled The Grassman (which, as far as you know right now, is either one of the previously mentioned ideas).

2008 was a productive year for us.  Script competition successes, new short films completed, the expansion into the world of social networking, surviving the power-outage apocalypse and madness-enducing  promotional website images.  We did all right.

But, 2009 is going to be bigger, better, and more all right than ever before!

In addition to at least 2 new short films debuting on YouTube and the festival circuit, and more submissions of the Consumed script at competitions, there is that little thing I mentioned before called a feature film.  Yeah, that’s right. We got one of those.

We are into pre-production on The Grassman, and I am feverishly working on rewrites.  Well, not feverishly… but I am cursing a lot.

And you can look forward to following along  as we embark on that foolishness.  In the next two weeks, we will unveil our podcast, Jackasses Make Movie, which will provide unprecedented access into the inner workings of Monkey Ltd and, specifically, insight on how in hell we are trying to pull off our first feature.  I bet you just can’t wait!

So, a lot to look forward to.  This year, Monkey Ltd is going to hit you in the entertainment crotch with our steel-toed boot of juicy movie goodness.  And you will like it and beg us to do it again.

And we will.