Director Tyler Meyer doin' it up 70s style.

Director Tyler Meyer doin' it up 70s style.

Ready for action!!!

Ready for action!!!

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Monkey Ltd’s first animated, and first HD short, is now available for the world to see!  Written, directed, voiced, and animated by Tyler Meyer.  So, you know it is the shit!  Too hardcore for SXSW! Check it! 

NOTE:  Monkey Ltd will soon be entering the snack foods business.  Look for Snackios™ soon at a grocer near you, next to right next to Meaty Meat, the treat for your mouth™.

Let me take a second to demonstrate what exactly I, Dennis, have to work with here as we attempt to make movies, nay, entertainment history together. You may email your condolences to

Tyler and I have recently been checking out Facebook lately. It has changed a bit since I last attempted to figure it out.  It now includes cool functionality where you can link your Facebook to your other social networking accounts at sites like Flickr, last.FM, Picasa, and YouTube.

We use YouTube.  Cool.

So, we both linked our Facebooks to the MonkeyLtdFilms YouTube account.  Sweet! Now our video updates will post on Facebook automatically.  We are on our way to making it big now!

Not so fast…

See, we forgot one thing: Tyler is a jackass.  Since I have the same YouTube account linking on my Facebook, and since I have no actual control over said account, he thought he would do jokes.

He begin clicking on and making favorites of man-ass videos on YouTube.  And by “man-ass” I mean videos of dudes shaking their asses and other parts in the camera for other men to enjoy.  Then, my Facebook would be updated with things like “Dennis has picked Spandex Male Package Floppy Dance as a Favorite video on YouTube.”  Funny, right?

Not so fast…

In the process, Tyler somehow hosed the link with Facebook (which may not allow man-ass vids) and none of the updates were posting.  Not knowing what was going on, I removed the broken YouTube link and linked to my own YouTube account, which has all the Monkey Ltd films as favorites.

And now, according to YouTube, Tyler is gay and LOVES the man-ass vids.  Loves them so much, it keeps recommending them to him.

New vids, old vids, butt vids, wang vids.

No matter how many other types of videos he clicks on, YouTube presents him with a virtual Mantopia of dude-flicks for him to enjoy in the privacy of his office.

Now, you may laugh.

On the plus side, Naked Towel Dance should get another boost from this.

Nearly in time for Halloween, Monkey Ltd. presents Lon Chaney’s triumphant return to cinema in BADNESS: Live and Not Plugged In now available on the IMDb right here:

Lon Chaney was at one time the top horror star in the world, appearing in over 150 films, including his famous titular roles in The Phantom of the Opera and the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Reknowned for his ability to change his appearance through the use of often physically arduous make-up effects, he was often referred to as “The Man of a Thousand Faces.”  His career was cut short in 1930 due to his untimely death.

But leave it to the digital wizards at Monkey Ltd to find a way to bring back the legendary screen icon back for one more film – BADNESS: Live and Not Plugged In, an internet rock extravaganza.

“You couldn’t have done this just two years ago,”  says BADNESS: Live producer Dennis Meyer.  “We’ve really had to push the envelope in terms of what was possible, relying on state-of-the-art cutting edge digital effects technology to make this happen.”

“Yeah,” director Tyler Meyer chimes in, “Photoshop.”

“We wanted to give you the sense that Lon Chaney is right there in the room with BADNESS, interacting with them as they perform their hits,” says Dennis, “It’s a difficult mandate.  People know Lon Chaney.  People know how he would act.  What he would do.  So it really became our mission to get as much of his personality in there as we could.  If wasn’t enough that he look like Lon Chaney.  He had to be Lon Chaney.”

“It is Lon Chaney,” confirms Tyler, “I used the eraser tool to to cut him out of a picture…  Then stuck him on top of our video.”

If the return of one of the most beloved stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age isn’t enough, BADNESS: Live also features a cartoon giraffe and monkey.  So if you’re a fan of classic cinema, or just like cartoon jungle animals, be sure to check out BADNESS:  Live and Not Plugged In, available for the first time ever this week on the brand new IMDb Theater.  Or you could watch it on myspace where it’s been sitting stagnant for seven months.

Lon Chaneys Triumphant Return!

Lon Chaney's Triumphant Return!